ThrowRaft Rearming Kit

Bayonet (V86000-84204Z) and Non-Bayonet (V90000-84204Z) Versions

Rearming kit for the ThrowRaft Original (TD2401) and the ThrowRaft Search & Rescue Yellow (TD2401). The TD2401 model is compatible with both Bayonet and Non-Bayonet style rearming kits. Use one of these rearming kits after use of a ThrowRaft and after repacking it. Both versions function the same way to rearm your ThrowRaft.

Includes one 24 gram CO2 cylinder with bayonet (black plastic piece attached to CO2 cylinder) or non-bayonet, one water-sensitive bobbin, and rearming instructions.

Watch our how to re-arm and re-pack video here

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