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How it all started

Troy was 9 miles offshore when his boat sank and the night began to close in. Alone in the water, he had no other option than to tread water and claw his way back to land. It took him a grueling 16 hours. He lived to not only tell the tale, but to make personal water safety safer for everyone. 

This is what started the journey that became ThrowRaft. To bring innovation to an industry that has not seen it in 100+ years.

The inventor and founder of ThrowRaft, Troy is the real deal. A fisherman turned yacht captain turned all-around waterman, he understands how relentless it can be out there when you’re not prepared. 

With so many hours on the water, he's had his share of emergencies. Boat, airplane, cruise, kayaking, SUP and even to the beach, he takes his ThrowRaft everywhere now.

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