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ThrowRaft TD2401 Inflatable, Throwable FAQs

The ThrowRaft TD2401 will automatically inflate when submerged. It can also be manually inflated by pulling on the toggle if you choose to.

Don’t worry! The ThrowRaft TD2401 can be thrown fully inflated. In fact, that is one of the reasons it is USCG approved.

Nope! Just throw the ThrowRaft TD2401 in the packed position, and it will automatically inflate when submerged. The ThrowRaft Original orange valise (bag) and the ThrowRaft Search & Rescue Yellow valise (bag) stay attached so you can re-arm and re-pack it for multiple uses.

The ThrowRaft TD2401 is splash resistant when properly packed. One of the USCG tests is a water spray test. It is not intended to be left out in the rain.

No way! A proper, USCG approved lifejacket for every passenger is mandatory. The ThrowRaft TD2401 is a vessel’s throwable device for man overboard situations. Think of it as a lifejacket’s best friend.

It sure can! Just follow the 4 steps printed on the ThrowRaft TD2401’s yellow bladder or refer to the owner’s manual for re-arming.

You can also watch this demonstration video: Click Here

The ThrowRaft TD2401 uses a standardized marine re-arm kit that can be purchased at most marine retailers. We also offer the re-arm kit in here. The ThrowRaft TD2401 uses the Maximum Inflation/ LELAND 24 Gram CO2 with V86140 Bayonet Assembly re-arm kit.

There are plenty of USCG approved lights, mirrors, and electronics that you can add to our products. We offer a few accessories on our web shop. Accessories are not included with the purchase of ThrowRaft products to give you customization.

All safety devices are only useful when they are readily available. The ThrowRaft TD2401 Mounting Case is designed to give you the quick access you need in a location of your choosing. It also helps protect the ThrowRaft TD2401 from all-weather elements. Get your mounting case here

Over 35 tests are conducted on the ThrowRaft TD2401 by a third party testing facility according to the U.S. Coast Guard’s requirements. We are proud to have IMANNA Laboratory in Rockledge FL be the third party testing facility. A few of the tests can be found here: Click Here

MLB Clubs & Player Signature Life Jacket FAQS

ThrowRaft's mission is to save lives! We first invented and brought to market the US Coast Guard approved ThrowRaft TD2401 personal flotation device. We are now bringing US Coast Guard approved premium MLB Clubs life jackets to market. 

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