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ThrowRaft Rearming Kit

Bayonet (V86000-84204Z) and Non-Bayonet (V90000-84204Z) Versions

Rearming kit for the ThrowRaft Original (TD2401) and the ThrowRaft Search & Rescue Yellow (TD2401). The TD2401 model is compatible with both Bayonet and Non-Bayonet style rearming kits. Use one of these rearming kits after use of a ThrowRaft and after repacking it. Both versions function the same way to rearm your ThrowRaft.

Includes one 24 gram CO2 cylinder with bayonet (black plastic piece attached to CO2 cylinder) or non-bayonet, one water-sensitive bobbin, and rearming instructions.

Watch our how to re-arm and re-pack video here

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    Larry H.
    United States United States

    Throw raft rearm kit

    no instructions, no green tab to show it's armed, so when the game warden checks me i'll get a ticket!!!!

    Steve P.
    United States United States

    ThrowRafts completes our safety equipment on our boat.

    Fortunately we’ve never had to use for an actual incident. But know we are ready if/when needed!

    Zachary S.
    United States United States

    Quality Safety Device, Works Exactly As It Should

    We bought a Throwraft for our 50-foot power pleasure boat. This is a quality safety device (as one would expect since it meets SOLAS standards) and works exactly as it should. As recommended, I bought 2 rearming kits, one for an initial test and the other to have on hand in case the Throwraft must be used. I also bought the hard plastic case, which I plan to mount on the boat soon. I tested the raft by throwing it in a swimming pool. It has an orange nylon cover, permanently attached to the device itself. On top of its cover is a black strap, which makes it easy to throw the device underhand. My throwing arm is a personal embarrassment, but I believe I could toss it 75 feet or more. It inflated within 5 to 10 seconds, and it floats before inflation. When inflated, the Throwraft is a square yellow cushion about 3 or 4 inches thick and (as advertised) 21 by 22 inches. Along two (opposite) sides are white nylon straps. It provided ample buoyancy to keep my head well clear of the water when I held it to my chest. I also found that, without too much effort, I could keep my balance while seated on top of it; I don't know how easy this would be in a sea state other than the flat water of a pool. Repacking the Throwraft after it has been inflated is straightforward. There are refolding instructions printed on the yellow bladder. The cover has hook-and-loop (Valcro?) closures. I let it dry in an air-conditioned (moderate-humidity) environment. When I refolded it, it was slightly bulkier than when it came from the factory, but it still fit into its orange cover. I added a pair of stick-on water-activated lights on each side and added a signal mirror and a battery operated distress light (strapped to **** inflation tube); refolding with these addition was not a problem. The rearming kit is pretty much the same as on other auto-inflating flotation devices; it uses a 24-gram CO2 cartridge and a standard "bobbin" loaded with some substance that dissolves rapidly when immersed. I believe rearming kits are available from several manufacturers. As with any auto-inflating device, the auto-inflation mechanism must be absolutely dry before you insert the bobbin. As I said, I et mine dry overnight in an air-conditioned house. The case is also sturdy, with a lid that overlaps the sides, so I expect it will protect the raft well from rain and spray. The case comes with a mounting block so the case stands out from the surface to which it is attached, so there is room for the lid to swing up. I haven't yet installed the plastic case on the boat, but from my experience so far, the Throwraft is a professional quality product. The primary advantage from my point of view is that it can be thrown more easily than a cushion-type Type IV PFD, and therefore farther. At the same time, it is more easily stowed in a readily available location stow. Great invention as far as I am concerned. Room for improvement? I wish they'd make it in a fluorescent yellow. Otherwise, it suits our needs perfectly.



    Thank you for your feedback and review! We are so happy you're pleased! Awesome you gave it a test too! We do have a search and rescue yellow ThrowRaft TD2401. You can find this by clicking on shop or by typing in the search bar "Search and Rescue". See you out on the water!

    scott t.
    United States United States

    Awesome thank you

    Great experience using the online ordering



    Thank you!

    Dean B.
    United States United States

    Throw Raft

    Looks nice, but hopefully never need to use it, but bought it as a precaution. The only thing is the storage case seems to be a little high what they charge for it.

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