TD2401 – Limited Edition – Patrick Mahomes Inflatable Throwable Football

You've never seen a Type IV PFD like this

Designed for ultimate safety on boats, this is the smallest throwable Type IV PFD on the market. It meets carriage requirements and legally replaces the other throwable Type IV devices on recreational vessels. These limited-edition official NFL Players Association inflatable throwable football-styled devices are Now Available for Pre-Order for Summer Fall 2023 arrival. Get yours now and be the FIRST to get the All-New PATRICK MAHOMES NFL Player inflatable throwable football-styled TD2401. Includes Mahomes jersey number, name and signature. Officially Licensed Product of NFLPA.
  • Built To Last: The most reliable safety device you hope to never have to use. Made with the highest quality materials in the USA. 
  • Advanced Safety: Auto inflates in the water and can be re-packed and re-armed. Highly visible in search and rescue situations.
  • Compact Design: Fits almost anywhere, in a backpack or ditch bag. 9x smaller than the ring buoy, 5x smaller than the square cushion.

Made in the U.S.A and approved by the U.S. Coast Guard 

Made in the USA 
    • Shaped and styled like a football
    • Compact - fits almost anywhere in a custom Mounting Case or on its own
    • 9x smaller than the ring buoy
    • 5x smaller than the square cushion
    • Can be thrown 40+ feet
    • Inflates manually or when submerged underwater
    • High visibility in search and rescue situations
    • 64" SOLAS reflective tape on bladder
    • Stitched in SOLAS reflective tape on valise (on Search and Rescue Yellow color only)
    • Easily repacked and recharged using a standard PFD re-arming kit
    • Meets recreational Type IV carriage requirements
    • U.S. Coast Guard approved with over 35 rigorous tests
    • Made in the USA

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